Laminating film
The Yixing City Xiaguang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. locates west world famous ceramic Yixingshi the northern suburbs, the traffic extremely is all convenient, my company specialized production management protects the card membrane (models envelope) the product, the product widely uses in the status card, the historical accounts of past events, the picture, the picture, the credit card, the permit, the business license, the precious letters, the negotiable securities, the pass, and so on each kind of laminated material seals on behalf of the card with the protection. Is modelled the laminated material which seals has the waterproofing, guards against the modification, is moisture-proof, the insect proofing eats, the mold proofing changes, bears the common acid corrosion and so on the remarkable function, and was very artistic, enhances the transparency.
The multi-colored sunlight company after the for many years development, unceasingly has increased the science and technology puts, already has one powerful grinds sends the troop, the formidable productivity and the strict product quality management system strengthens own competitive ability, anticipates bigger development multi-colored sunlight company, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers and hope establishes long-term cooperation trade relations with you.

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